Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services

Do you need help with sales tax? You are not alone…
Keeping up and complying with the sales and use tax laws can be daunting. Overcompliance is wasteful and can also cause problems with customers. Undercompliance can result in significant unexpected audit assessments with penalties and interest sometimes exceeding the original tax amount. There is also the potential for individuals deemed “responsible persons” to be held personally liability for unpaid sales and use taxes of their company. In some cases, criminal prosecution is also possible.
We will handle all sales tax payments and provide the following services:

  • Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense
  • Sales and Use Tax Services in Connection with Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Sales and Use Tax Refund Claims
  • Sales and Use Tax Planning
  • Taxability Matrices and other Sales and Use Tax Technical Advice
  • Preparing and Submitting Sales and Use Tax Ruling Requests
  • Penalty Abatement Letters